Raiichicha Tea series

Three popular types [8g x / Uji's honor, stem roasted tea, Japanese black tea]

Three standard types [8g x / Special Sencha, Goose Sound Tea, Kukicha]

Please choose from the above.


Sold in a small size so that you can easily enjoy the best tea that you have carefully selected.

For souvenirs and bring. Also for drinking comparison.

You can easily enjoy the tea as it is written on the back side.

Note) It is not a tea bag type. Please enjoy the spread of tea leaves in Kyusu.

Set of 3 types of tea leaves [Popular / Standard]

  • なし

  • 商品の発送には万全を期しておりますが、お届け後は直ぐに開梱の上、内容をご確認ください。万が一、破損等があった場合はご連絡ください。 また、商品の特性上、お客様のご都合(ご注文間違い、お気に召さないなど)による発送後の返品・交換は承っておりません。